DELTA 8 TINCTURE - 30ML Monkey Mints - 1000MG - INDICA

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Product Overview

DELTA 8 TINCTURE - 30ML Monkey Mints - 1000MG - INDICA

Introducing the DELTA 8 TINCTURE - 30ML Monkey Mints - INDICA, a revolution in relaxation and tranquility, designed to help you unwind after a long day. Sourced from high-quality hemp and infused with the delightful taste of monkey mints, this Delta 8 tincture is just what you need to elevate your mood, ease discomfort, and truly kick back.

Crafted with hemp-derived Delta 8 and a unique blend of Indica strains, this tincture is perfect for those seeking a relaxed and chill state of mind. Every drop of this tincture is packed with a high-quality of Delta 8 in a convenient 30ML bottle, offering a 1000MG potent and satisfying experience.

Available Flavors:

- Colada

- Kona Coffee

- Monkey Mints


We do not ship Delta 8 products to locations where they are considered illegal.