DELTA 8 FLWR - Cookies - 1000MG - INDICA

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DELTA 8 FLWR - Cookies - 1000MG - INDICA

Your ultimate solution to indulge in a relaxing and soothing experience after a long day. Cultivated from the finest-quality CBG hemp flower, this Delta 8 Flower boasts a superior blend of cannabinoids, allowing you to harness the full potential of the incredible Cookies strain. 

As you open the jar, you'll be welcomed by a delightful aroma that showcases the rich terpene profile of this 10g premium flower. The jar is filled with a 1000mg of total cannabinoids, carefully extracted from premium-quality cannabis plants through a meticulous process designed to preserve the maximum potency.


  • 100% organic CBG Hemp Flower
  • Leaves
  • Stems
  • Seeds
  • Delta 8 Distillate


Flower can be combusted, vaporized, extracted, and used for infusion 

Available Strains:


We do not ship Delta 8 products to locations where they are considered illegal.