DELTA 8 TINCTURE - 30ML Colada - 1000MG - SATIVA

A Gift From Nature

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Product Overview

DELTA 8 TINCTURE - 30ML Colada - 1000MG - SATIVA

Introducing the DELTA 8 TINCTURE - 30ML Colada - SATIVA, your ultimate go-to for an uplifting, fun, and energizing experience. Our premium hemp-derived DELTA 8 TINCTURE is specially crafted for those who seek a more enjoyable and refreshing way to unwind and indulge in the benefits of high-quality hemp.

Why choose DELTA 8 TINCTURE - 30ML Colada - SATIVA?

The magic lies within its core composition – 1000 MG of carefully sourced Delta 8, infused with the invigorating Sativa strain. Awaken your senses with the delightful Colada flavor that will transport you straight to a sunny, tropical oasis. Experience the perfect blend of relaxation, energy, and euphoria — all within a compact, easy-to-use 30ML bottle.

Available Flavors:

- Colada

- Kona Coffee

- Monkey Mints


We do not ship Delta 8 products to locations where they are considered illegal.