HHC GUMMIES - 30CT Khola 750mg (25mg ea.) – SATIVA

A Gift From Nature

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HHC GUMMIES - 30CT Khola 750mg (25mg ea.) – SATIVA

Introducing our HHC GUMMIES - 30CT Khola 750mg (25mg ea.) – SATIVA, the ultimate mood-boosting, hemp-derived gummies crafted to elevate your spirits and unleash the happier version of you. Derived from high-quality hemp, these gummies not only offer the numerous benefits of natural hemp, but they also cater specifically to those looking for a more stimulating and uplifting experience, courtesy of the SATIVA strain.

Relish in the unique and exciting Khola flavor at every bite, making your path to a happy and elevated mood even more scrumptious. The experience is further enhanced by the tasty and chewy texture of the gummies, delivering a delightful sensation that is both comforting and enjoyable.