HHC GUMMIES - 30CT Atomic Apple 750mg (25mg ea.) – SATIVA

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HHC GUMMIES - 30CT Atomic Apple 750mg (25mg ea.) – SATIVA

HHC GUMMIES - 30CT Atomic Apple 750mg (25mg ea.) – SATIVA, your new go-to for the perfect balance of relaxation and euphoria! These deliciously fruity gummies are packed with the incredible benefits of hemp to elevate your mood and provide relief in every tasty bite.

Enjoy the full spectrum of benefits with our high-quality, hemp-derived HHC Gummies. Specially formulated with SATIVA strains, you'll experience a unique mood enhancement and that happy, uplifting feeling without any unwanted drowsiness. Perfect for those who need that extra burst of energy during the day or a mood lift after a long day at work.

These Atomic Apple gummies not only pack a powerful punch of 25mg of premium hemp-derived HHC in each gummy, but they also taste absolutely amazing. Indulge in the sweet, juicy, and slightly tangy apple flavor that'll have your taste buds begging for more.