CBG GUMMIES - 30CT Cherryland 1500mg (50mg ea.) – SATIVA

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CBG GUMMIES - 30CT Cherryland 1500mg (50mg ea.) – SATIVA

Introducing CBG Gummies - 30CT Cherry 1500mg (50mg ea.) – SATIVA, the perfect way to experience an invigorating mood boost while reaping the benefits of CBG. These delightful cherry-flavored delights pack a punch with 50mg of potent, high-quality hemp in each piquant gummy. They beautifully meld the joy of a sweet and tangy treat with the incredible benefits of CBG, making them perfect for those looking to take a leap into the world of this phenomenal cannabinoid. 

Our gummies make it easy to experience the uplifting potential of CBG. Enjoy the pleasure of a delicious sweet and sour treat that may just help promote balance.




  • 30 Gummy's per Jar - 1500mg CBG (50mg ea.)
  • Calories  - 12 per serving 
  • Suggested Serving  - 1 gummy