CBG GUMMIES - FOR ENERGY - 30CT Apple Runtz 1500mg (50mg ea.) – SATIVA

A Gift From Nature

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CBG GUMMIES - 30CT Apple Runtz 1500mg (50mg ea.) – SATIVA

Introducing CBG GUMMIES - 30CT Apple Runtz 1500mg (50mg ea.) – SATIVA, a game-changing solution to embracing tranquility and creating blissful moments in your daily life. Our high-quality CBG gummies are designed to provide all the key benefits of CBG, creating a tasty and convenient way to indulge in relaxation, uplift your mood, and improve your well-being.

Crafted with high-quality hemp and bursting with the delightful apple flavor, our Apple Runtz CBG Gummies are a mouth-watering and enjoyable treat. Their delectable taste and chewy texture make them an irresistible addition to your wellness routine.



  • 30 Gummy's per Jar - 1500mg CBG (50mg ea.)
  • Calories  - 12 per serving 
  • Suggested Serving  - 1 gummy