DELTA 9 GUMMIES HYBRID - 30CT Freedom OG 810mg (15mg ea.)

A Gift From Nature

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Celebrate Independence Day with our special edition Delta 9 Hybrid Freedom OG

Exclusively from A GIFT FROM NATURE CBD. These unique gummies offer a burst of patriotism in every bite, combining the rich flavors of strawberry and watermelon to create a taste sensation that's as refreshing as a summer day. Each jar is packed with 30 gummies, each lovingly infused with a full-spectrum blend of 810mg Delta 9 and CBD, offering 15mg of Delta 9 and 12mg of CBD per gummy.

Designed for those moments that call for celebration and unity, Freedom OG gummies are crafted to elevate your spirits, enhance feelings of joy, and bring people together. This Hybrid blend balances the energizing lift of Sativa with the serene relaxation of Indica, making it an ideal choice for enjoying the fireworks or a cozy barbecue. As a limited-time offering, Freedom OG captures the spirit of Independence Day, inviting you to indulge in a celebration of flavor and freedom.


30 gummies per Jar - Total 450mg Delta 9 (15mg per gummy). Total 360 mg Full Spectrum Cannabinoid (12mg per gummy), totaling 810mg per jar of THC Delta 9 and Full Spectrum Cannabinoids.

TERPENES ADDED FOR EACH Sativa and Indica LABELED product, enhancing your experience with the distinctive characteristics of each strain. Celebrate this Independence Day with Freedom OG, and let the flavors of strawberry and watermelon lead the way to a festive and joyful celebration.