DELTA 9 GUMMIES HYBRID - 30CT Watermelon Lime 810mg (15mg ea.)

A Gift From Nature

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Product Overview

DELTA 9 GUMMIES HYBRID - 30CT Watermelon Lime

Looking for a tasty and effective way to experience the benefits of Full-Spectrum Delta 9?

Look no further than DELTA 9 GUMMIES HYBRID - WATERMELON LIME! Our delicious Watermelon and Lime flavored gummies are made from scratch with high-quality hemp-derived Full-spectrum Delta 9, as well as Sativa and Indica hybrid terpenes, to provide you with a well-rounded and enjoyable experience.


  • Mango Strawberry - Magic Mango SATIVA / Strawberry Breeze INDICA
  • Cherry Cola - Tropicana Cherry SATIVA / Cola Haze INDICA
  • Blueberry Pineapple - True Blue SATIVA / Pineapple OG INDICA
  • Watermelon Lime - Watermelon Gelato SATIVA / Lime Squeeze INDICA
  • Orange Raspberry - Orange Utang SATIVA / Razzle Dazzle INDICA
  • Grape Apple - Grape Escape SATIVA / Big Apple INDICA


  • 30 gummies per Jar -  Total 450mg Delta 9 (15mg per gummy.) Total 360 mg Full Spectrum Cannabinoid (12mg per gummy.) equaling a total of 810mg per jar of THC Delta9 and Full Spectrum Cannabinoids
  • TERPENES ADDED FOR EACH Sativa and Indica LABELED product.