DELTA 8 GUMMIES - 30CT Twisted Lime 750mg (25mg ea.) – INDICA

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DELTA 8 GUMMIES - 30CT Twisted Lime 750mg (25mg ea.) –  INDICA

A delicious and potent option for those seeking relaxation, relief, and a restful night's sleep. Our delta 8 gummies are infused with premium hemp-derived delta 8 isolate and carefully crafted to ensure high-quality and consistency in every bite. Give yourself the ultimate lime-flavored sensation while enjoying all the incredible benefits of indica.

These mouthwatering Twisted Lime gummies are designed to transport you into a world of relaxation, tranquility, and relief. Each gummy is individually dosed with 25mg of delta 8 THC, making it easy to manage your desired experience. With a total of 750mg per container, you'll have a sufficient supply of these calming marvels for whenever you need to unwind.



  • 30 Gummy's per Jar - 750mg Delta 8 (25mg ea.)



We do not ship Delta 8 products to locations where they are considered illegal.