CBN GUMMIES - 30CT Pineapple Mayhem 1500mg (50mg ea.) – INDICA

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CBN GUMMIES - 30CT Pineapple Mayhem 1500mg (50mg ea.) – INDICA

Step into a world of tropical delight with our CBN GUMMIES - 30CT Pineapple Mayhem 1500mg (50mg ea.) – INDICA! These tasty, high-quality hemp gummies, featuring a punch of pineapple flavor and the luscious chewy texture everyone loves, are designed to help you unwind, decompress, and experience the many benefits of CBN in a mouthwatering treat.

Made from the highest-quality hemp, these infused gummies deliver a potent 50mg of CBN for each piece, providing both physical and emotional relief. Our carefully formulated Indica blend ensures a soothing and relaxing effect, making them ideal for use after a long day or when you need some extra help in calming down and getting a good night's sleep.



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  • 30 Gummy's per Jar - 1500mg CBG (50mg ea.)
  • Calories  - 12 per serving 
  • Suggested Serving  - 1 gummy