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PACT ACT FORM - Contact information A Gift From Nature CBD - PACT Act Compliance
Thank you for your continued support of our business and products!

As part of recent Federal Regulation, A Gift From Nature CBD. is now required to obtain the information that is requested below to continue shipping all of our products to your business. Please submit the following information so that we can continue shipping to you. If you have not ordered recently, please consider completing this form out so you options with us. This form is to be fill immediately.

We understand that every state is different and the requirements vary from even not requiring a license, so this is what we need:

Any document that you are required to possess to run a business in your state (this might be a Tobacco License, a regular business license, or just a document you have with the state) *for all locations if we ship to. Also, along with your FEIN#.

Please let us know if you have questions. We really appreciate your help and thank you again for supporting our brand.