Delta-8 30ct Gummy’s Green Apple OG – 750mg (25mg ea.)


Product Overview

Delta-8 30ct Gummy’s Green Apple OG – 750mg (25mg ea.)

Our 25mg Delta-8 gummies are convenitly packaged in a 30ct jar, for the avid lover of our gummies that dose regularly. Same great flavors that deliver a potent irreplaceable uplifting and euphoric feeling with a calming body sensation.


  • Berry White Indica - Blue Raspberry
  • Orange Crush Sativa - Ornery Orange
  • Purple Urkle Indica - Concord Grape
  • Green Apple OG Sativa - Granny Smith Apple
  • Maui Mango Sativa - Mighty Mango
  • Pineapple Diesel Sativa - Poppin Apple
  • Strawberry Fields Indica - Yummi Strawberry
  • Raspberry Kush Indica - Red Raspberries
  • Mimosa Indica - NEW FLAVOR -
  • Blue Watermelon Sativa - Blueberry Watermelon 
  • Cherry Garcia Sativa - Cherry


  • 30 Gummy's per Jar