R.A. Royal Delta-8 Honey Sticks – Original


Product Overview

R.A. Royal Delta-8 Honey Sticks – Original

Our Delta-8 Honey Sticks (Original) are ideal for those who wish to get their hemp-derived THC through edibles. Each one of these sweet R.A Royall CBD DELTA 8 Honey sticks are filled with an infusion of Delicious Honey, 15mg of DELTA 8, and 10MG of CBD, these honey sticks are combined with all-natural honey, providing a delicious way to get your daily dose of DELTA 8 and CBD. Whether taken on the road as a quick snack or enjoyed in a hot tea, our honey sticks make a perfect treat!

Product Size: 10 Honey Straws

Potency per Straw: 15 MG Delta-8 THC, 10 MG CBD

Potency per Jar: 150 MG Delta-8 THC, 100 MG CBD